Miss Holly’s
Primary Tuition

Building a love of learning.



"Miss Holly is a fantastic tutor and both my children have made significant progress since being tutored by her. She is an inspirational teacher and tailors her tutoring sessions to the individual child. Importantly, Miss Holly also provides feedback on the sessions and keeps an on going dialogue about what areas of learning need to be worked on and when goals are achieved."

Anna C

“I feel incredibly grateful that we found such a dedicated and talented tutor in Miss Holly. She is totally committed to bringing out the best in your child. Instilling them with her own unbelievably strong work ethic. She is incredibly knowledgeable in learning to understand your child, their quirks, fears and difficulties. She then strives to find ways to enable them to overcome these issues and grow in both confidence and ability. She also offered a huge amount of support and advice to me so that I could help with the whole process from the parenting side. I am forever grateful to her and cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Alice B

​“Miss Holly was fantastic with my son - he did brilliantly in his last exams - what a difference to where he was at at the end of last year!”

Lucy C

​“I can highly recommend Miss Holly as a tutor. I found Miss Holly to be professional, fun, engaging and my daughter thrived under her guidance. Miss Holly is extremely approachable and uses a method that is suitable for each individual child - there is no “one size fits all” approach. Miss Holly got our daughter to a stage where she no longer required tutoring which says it all.”

Leanne H

“We have been very much enjoying working with Miss Holly and look forward to each lesson. She is very good at communicating with my son and motivating him to focus and work hard during the sessions, being demanding but yet supportive. I have been able to discuss with her my concerns, school feedback and issues that are arising and she provided me with helpful advice and guidance outside of strict lesson hours. She is very familiar with the requirements the school exams bring upon families, knows the standards that are required well and provides me with regular feedback on how my son is progressing and what we need to focus on. I feel we are getting a lot of value out of each lesson. There are notable improvements in my son’s ability and confidence.”

Angelina K